The Boston brownstone of the Rockies located in a hip hub of walkability.

Redfish addressed the question of the “missing middle” with these high-end townhomes near the UofU. Six snug brick homes on a private hillside that filled a niche for strategic infill through thoughtful use of space. While other builders and realtors scoffed at this approach, Redfish broke new ground and these haute homes sold before they were even built. Since then, similar townhomes have cropped across SLC.

Arlington Park is a city-living retreat nestled against a natural creekside.

These homes afford the unique opportunity to relax by your own private creek at the end of a secluded driveway in the heart of Salt Lake City.

Arlington’s classic brick townhomes sit beneath full-grown trees in the Rocky Mountain foothills. This community is a walkable retreat in the heart of downtown, located just around the corner from the University of Utah, Trolley Square, and other hip urban hangouts such as 9th & 9th, Sugarhouse, and downtown.

Convenient location to mountain trails and public rail make Arlington a perfect springboard for adventure-with easy access to major ski resorts.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.


Arlington blends the feeling of classic brick brownstones with the majesty of tree-studded foothills. This community evokes a sense of timelessness. Each spacious home offers smart design with energy-efficient and eco-friendly features, open floor plans, and light-filled windows. Form compliments function with state-of-the art granite, wood, steel, and stone features.

Design is not making beauty; beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.


The harmony of Arlington’s inside and outside spaces creates an anchored connection to people, place and community. Arlington’s views, colors textures, hues, proportions, plantings, and materials thoughtfully combine for a classic yet modern aesthetic. In this way, Arlington evokes the feeling of an established neighborhood despite its recent birth and modern amenities.

Arlington Park embodies the Redfish niche for creating new spaces while preserving a sense of timeless community.

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