Who We Are.

With over 25 years combined development and construction experience Mitchell Spence and Tiffany Ivins lead Redfish’s team. Having started from scratch with remodel and small build projects the team has progressed through a series of increasingly complex developments to where they now oversee multi-unit developments and projects from multi-family to mixed use urban communities.

Through all of their projects runs a common thread: bringing innovative, cutting edge technologies and approaches to make living more comfortable, safer and more sustainable.


As a husband and wife team, they share a common history of having worked around the world as both volunteers and in for-profit businesses to improve the lives and station of people from all backgrounds. Bringing a savvy and seasoned  perspective that comes from years working on international projects, their experience is now culminating in a vision of an entirely new future for residential housing.


64 W 6400 S #100, Salt Lake City, UT 84107, USA